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Can't submit tickets, site says - Action failed, Please try again


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I am unable to submit a single ticket. Every time I try, all I get is a response from the site stating “Action failed, Please try again.”

I have tried continuously and it still not working for me. I see a similar post in Aug 2019 and there has been no response to that as well.

Anyone has any clue on how to get this fixed?

PS: I am using Firefox as my browser. Not sure if that helps.

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Try to Remove # hashtag from the order number

Hi Maria,

Thank you for the quick response. This is however for a gig I have created over a week ago (not an order). I have uploaded a sample video to show my work and it has been well over 24 hours and the video is still under review. Any idea how time does this platform take to review attachments?



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