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Buyer order not show up in "TO DO" list, is this a bug, server delay or buyer not comfirmed order?


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Fiverr V2 is getting better and greater now 🙂

But today and recently I have 2 orders, 1st was delayed more than 2 days, and today this order was delay about 5 hours. I didn’t received order notice, and don’t show up in “TO DO” list, but I found them in the “Conversation” icon dropdown inbox, buyer contacted me.

Does anyone have a same experience with me? not sure this is a bug, or server is too hot, or buyer miss out any step?

And, what should I do now, start work or wait for the notice:)


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If the order status is showing ORANGE button with text INCOMPLETE, it simply means your buyer did not send instructions which you setup in gig before starting work.

Also you will see “Order not started” status on order details page.

Just ask your buyer or nudge them to remind about instructions they had to sent you in order to start work.

Once a buyer sent me instructions after two months, and order was started then!

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