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Username change solution


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As A web programmer I do understand the difficulties behind allowing username change.
but what I can’t understand is why not keeping the usernames in background and displaying our real names or our companies name (and even making the number of changes limited to 1 or 2 times). and like that we can fix that username change issues.

many did choose the username cos it is the easiest one to remember(my case) or for other reasons other than being a brand.

and I think the support every day receive hundreds of tickets asking for the ability to change username.

its not fair that a user drop up to 5 years of reputation to change username.

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Strongly agree!!
I was just here saying the same in another thread just a couple days ago. In my case, I hadn’t known Fiverr had an art & craft section when I signed up, so I used the name I use for writing instead of my “branded” art handle. It turns out Fiverr offers more than I thought, and now I’m getting craft commissions here, so I want to bring it under my brand and be on here as a full platform like I am on other selling socials. But I can’t, and it irks me a bit every time I’m here. (I’d also been under the impression that real names and faces were required here, but now I know it’s a site culture thing and lots of people use something else and I’d REALLY like to do the same. I almost didn’t sign up to begin with because of thinking I needed to use my real info. I changed my pic and would like to change my name too).

I was actually saying in the other thread too, what if we could change once or twice our company/display name, and keep the permanent usernames on our profiles so buyers can know for sure who they’re dealing with. All Users are happy!

Heck, I’d even be willing to pay for the chance to change my displayed name! (Which should make Fiverr happy too).

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