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What about taxes for freelances in your countries, guys?


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Please read fiverr taxes. Fiver get 20% form per oder. If you have 5$ fiverr get 1$. And you need to check your bank taxes. And payoneer taxes. I am not provide that. Check it

Please google what taxes are and how it has nothing to do with Fiverr’s fee.

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For some countries it can be 0%
For others it depends on the income (e.g. <200$ per month = 10$ taxes or so)
For some other it would be 20% of the income no matter how big or small it is,

It’s better if you ask your bankers (they surely know about your country’s practices)

If you are not in your home country, you can ask a Teacher to refer a law expert (personally I asked my law teacher, and he provided me a link to the government website related to taxes)

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