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Buyer Complaining to fiverr


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Hy all,

On December 20 2019 a person message me and we discuss the project he said that he need a demo of the work i agree, i got a problem and i need to ask him a little thing next i message him, he didn’t respond and i send 4 messages to him but no response i thought he gave the project someone else.
After 20 days he message me and say demo is ready, I said what demo ( because i forget about that project). I said you did not response the message sir, He replied don’t be rude and its clear in the gig.
He say he will complain me to fiverr becuase i was rude.
I heard if a buyer complain to fiverr then Seller will be banned.

SO i’m scaring i just say only ‘what demo’ and also tell him i’m not rude

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no their is not order he created

Then there is definitely nothing to worry about.

I know you might be scared but even if he will complain then fiverr will have a look at your Messages and they will see that you didn’t do anything wrong.

And on top of that this person was trying to get free work from you even without paying.

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