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I am a new saller in fiverr


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Good luck. There are many who will try and tell you off and be rude. I would suggest you use a spell check. That is a good start

I am new myself and I have found that going on to the forum does not really help much, as like I said, people prefer to talk down to you rather than show you respect and help.

The video is good to watch, although sometimes is crashes which can be awkward but it will help you get a badge for your profile and how to set up your “gig”

So I would recommend going to the Fiverr FAQ section or using the tools it provides as on Forums you get either nice, but ultimately unhelpful platitudes, or just simply very rude and bossy teacher-types bullying everyone.

I hope you do well and I wish you every success but, remember to think about spelling

Good luck!

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