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Buyer not giving me review after order completion


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Guest mikelandisvoice

When I began working on Fiverr, if a client didn’t leave a review, I would get paranoid and wonder if they were displeased with what I delivered. While that could be the case sometimes, I have found it’s usually because the client is busy. Perhaps they intended to go back and do it later, but forgot. There could be a variety of reasons. Even if they were dissatisfied, I would prefer no review than a bad review- as only the bad reviews hurt your ratings. How many times a week do you go to a store where the cashier, upon handing you a receipt, spouts the line about going online to take their customer service survey? And, how many of those do you actually go and complete? Personally, it has been years since I have…I am always busy! So, considering that, I do feel fortunate when any buyer takes the time to leave a review. And, as may other posters on this forum have stated, if you’ve delivered a product and the client doesn’t leave a review, it’s not good to message them and ask about it. Fiverr takes care of us in that sense by sending e-mails reminding them to leave a review. Best of luck to you!

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