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Buyer asking to talk in Google Hangout - SCAM or Authentic?

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Hello Friends/ Experts,

This is my 3rd experience that buyer is asking to continue conversation/ giving job briefing/ interview in Google Hangout. Is it scam? I always ask to continue conversation in fiverr but buyer is trying to do through Google Hangout. Want senior’s (In fiverr) suggestion please…

Btw I am new in Fiverr. Looking forward to get some opportunities and making some connections. It is really a busy, crowded market place.

Thank you!

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It’s obviously breaking fiverr TOS. All contacts outside of fiverr are strictly forbidden so why risking your account?

Legit buyers wouldn’t push you for the interview on google hangouts especially after you told them that all communication should go through fiverr.

Thank you for your comment.

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