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How often are people getting gigs? Daily, Weekly etc


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How many are you getting each week?

The average would be ~0

It is not easy and the whole situation here does not exactly help seeing pressure is normally on price & convenience more than quality so if your Gig is $6 and you take 3 days to do a great job, Fiverr will be offering a Gig at $5 with 2 days. You lose because most people don’t research or understand their true needs so they choose the easiest option. If the results are passable, they are happy, if not they abuse Fiverr overall and leave.

That there are many sellers exploiting this very tendency makes it even harder to stand out as someone who does something worth anything but debasement.

Of course there are a few who do a bit of ok and they will say how wonderful it is. but I have to say they can rarely explain their success. You have to find that balance where people will find you easy and you can deliver within that format.


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Hi Olly - just a hint: your forum profile link is trying to take people to your main site dashboard.

It doesn’t really matter how many orders you’re getting … as long as you’re meeting the price point for your services. For example, I just quoted someone $1000 for what wanted - admittedly, I’m not expecting them to want to pay it, but still.

If you’re good at what you do, persevere. You already have 2 reviews and the first two are the hardest.

After you have a few more under your belt, raise your prices a little … and keep doing that … over time, you’ll filter out the people you don’t want and attract more people that you do want, who are willing to pay a good price for your services.

Keep at it. Bear in mind being a freelancer can be an … interesting experience!

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In my case, it’s different every month.
Sometimes I will get an order a day, or multiple orders a day,
I might get bombarded with gigs for weeks, and then it suddenly stops
and I have nothing for 2 weeks…and then the cycle starts again.
It really, really, depends.

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The frequency of the orders I get vary wildly. I’ve had 2 week periods where I get at least an order a day and times where I go a week without getting a new one. The thing about my service is I can get a lot of regular customers who order their novels in chunks, so it’s rare when I don’t have something in queue.

I currently have 3 repeat buyers in queue right now, and they’re the only orders I’ve gotten since I came out of the [rumored to be deadly] Out of Office Mode a week ago. I’m not too worried, though. My sales had been slipping before then, too. I’ll probably do a few discounts to get some orders and help my gigs in the search rank and all that then raise them again.

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