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It is My One Month Anniversary!


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I am so pleased with Fiverr so far! Been selling for exactly one month and I have accomplished so much already. I write this to inspire those who are just starting out and how quick things can happen.

I made Level 1 seller 2 days after I launched my first gig, Level 2 seller in 14 days, I have produced 92 sales so far and maintained 100% rating all while putting over $800 in the bank in my spare time. Since I love what I do and am passionate, I am sure that has translated in my customer service, which I have been told is exceptional.

Thank you Fiverr, the community here and thanks especially to my buyers who are making this possible for me! I am excited for what the future holds and I couldn’t be happier.

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Happy, Happy Anniversary 🙂

That’s very impressive dollars per sale/visitor since you had to spend a few of those days just to get to level 1 at $5 a pop.

I also want to make a side point for readers. Akrause2112 must have been a buyer or browser before jumping in as a seller seeing as she got Leveled up so fast.

That’s one of the advantages of being a good student buyer and doing a little thoughtful research before becoming a seller.

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