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Bank Transfer Issues


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Hey there,
I currently in a middle of a trouble situation.

I previously used to use my old Payoneer account to " Bank Transfer " because of some reason after almost 1 year now so decided to create new Payoneer so asked Fiverr CS to remove my Payoneer they told to ask Payoneer CS and they did so and I came back to Fiverr CS and they did something that now I can add a new " Bank Transfer " Option. So I clicked on it as previously It verifies phone number then emailed with the Link. I opened the link and landed on Fiverr’s website as usual with a Get Started button and some details about Payoneer. Then After clicking Get Started it’s showing Error 404 " The Page you’ve requested doesn’t exist or deleted " - told about this to Fiverr CS they again told me to contact Payoneer CS. And probably because my Payoneer account is brand new they aren’t showing me live chat option so I mailed them and waiting for their Reply.

Any of your Thoughts will be Appreciated 🙂
Tech Flamingo

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