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My number two tips for retaining return buyers!


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If you’ve had your first order, you’d like to keep your same buyers, right? It’s something that any of us would want to do. In my voice acting, I’ve had a good number of return buyers. I’ve learned two things that really helped me to retain them for future orders.

  1. Make sure that you give them a quality product to begin with!
    Don’t give them a half way product that isn’t something you’d be happy with. If you’re doing voice overs, like I do, you want it to sound good and crisp. No background noises and you want it to sound totally professional as well. So make sure your first impression is the best one you give!

  2. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them.
    Every so often, with my return buyers, whether after an order or a random message, I tell them I appreciate the business and that I look forward to future jobs with them. I know for me, it means a lot when someone appreciates things that I do so I can only imagine how it is for someone else!

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