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Buyer rated Seller but it didn't appear


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I have been experiencing buyers who do not rate me even when they said they did. As a seller, I don’t want to be pushy to just get a rating. Yesterday I had a nice buyer who said that she was sure that she rated me. But CS said that she hasn’t. I went back to let her know that about it (because I’d like her to know how to, in case she made a mistake). In a minute, I received the rating. She said she did that on phone. Apparently the laptop and phone system weren’t in synced.

This is not my first time hearing buyers claimed they have rated me but I got nothing (and didn’t get them to double check). Not sure how many ratings I missed out 😕

Have you experienced the same? Is this even considered a bug? How do I make it better? I don’t want to annoy my customers by writing a lengthy message on how to give a rating.

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