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Anyone have any interesting stories?

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I like hearing about them because it’s like if you pressed a randomize button. To start off, here’s mine.

I was about 8 at the time. me and some friends were playing this made up game, right? We were acting like we were on a great adventure and stuff. It was fun. BUT, I remember this part every well, we were gonna ‘adventure into the far unknown’ which would be a long journey. So I told my friend, 'Be safe on this rash journey!" Then I kissed her. I FLAT OUT GAVE HER A SMOOCH and she was like, “oh, ok.” Like, I didn’t have a crush on her or anything but DANG. It still haunts me to this day the more and more I think about it. Aren’t I a ladykiller? XD

So, yea that’s mine, heh.

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