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My response rate going down day by day


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Hello I’m a level two seller on fiverr. Have more than 1.5 years in fiverr working as seller. In the last week’s of december my response rate was 100%. But now it is 96%. Check my profile.
In this time, I always response to my client below one hour. But why this things happens to me.
I got one message from One spammer but couldn’t reply to it bacause fiverr automatically marked it as spam.
Please give your opinion and what should I do now?

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If it was because of that message auto-flagged as spam you could contact CS to have them check/fix the response rate stat. In future if you get a message auto-flagged as spam you could unmark it (say it’s not spam) then reply to it, then remark it as spam if it is spam. That should then make that message not affect the response rate (assuming you reply to it within 24 hours).

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Just to be on the safe side. ALWAYS respond to spam messages. Even if you add an emoji or just something like “Read TOS” is enough. Then block & report! Due to my experience and reading about others, sometimes it hurts us. I’ve always reached out to CS and they quickly fixed the issue for me. However, if you DO NOT respond to messages within a 24-hour timeframe. Your RR response rate will tank. Stats are calculated within the last (60) days.

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Hello Guys,
I just talk with FIverr CS.
They give me solution and also increase my RR to 100 percent.

Also i got some information form them.Which is

"Reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate or spammy message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours. If the message is already reported as spam when you receive it, please do not try to respond to the message.

As a reminder, your Response Rate tracks the percentage of first inbox messages (conversation starters) from other users that you respond to within 24 hours of receiving the message. Keep in mind that the Response Rate is proportional to how many messages you responded to on time. The more messages you respond to on time, the less impact each late response has.

To further explain I will give you an example of how this works. For example, you have 3 messages that you responded to within 24 hours and 1 late response. This will make your Response Rate 75%. If one of those 3 messages that you responded to on time leaves the 60 days limit then you would technically (according to the Response Rate Statistic) now have 2 messages that you responded to on time and 1 late response, meaning the rating will drop to 66% without you receiving any new messages simply because one message has left the 60 day window."

This was the suggestion from CS.
I think it will be helpful for us.

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assalam walekum

Just looked at your profile. Its brilliant, really uniformed and impressive. If you are struggling I am hopeless! I was very inspired by how you have laid yours out though, so thank you

I hope you get your issue sorted

Walaikum Assalam,

I just fix my problem with Response rate by contacting CS.

Thanks for support.

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