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I am learning about fiverr


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Hello there!

1- For an impressive gig that will get noticed by buyers need to have an attractive gig image .
2- You need to have a catchy gig title.
3- Most important thing you need to consider is your gig description which will persue your
buyers to get services from you.
4- You should also consider choosing most relevant search tags for your gig category , it will
help to boost your gig presence in search ranking.
5- Most important things after all this setup is to have some sample work ready related to
your gig, as a new seller you need to show something to buyer to prove your
6- Try to avail all the 10 buyer requests daily by sending rightly formated proposals against
the orders falling in your gig category.
7- Remian active on Fiverr as much as possible.

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