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I am a new seller in fiverr. A customer ordered me a calendar file on 16/12/2019 and he gave 1 day for delivery. I show him the file and told him that he would inform me later but as time was running out I delivered the file but he did not accept the order. After 20/12/2019 he told me to fix the calendar. I’ll fix it. Then he told me that the file sounds good. He didn’t talk about the previous file. After that, he ordered two more calendar files. After a lot of trouble with those two files, he says he can’t work with me. I said that to give me a chance. But he didn’t give me a chance. But that gives me 1.5 reviews for the previous file. For this, my profile’s review is 3. Now I can’t give a buyer request. What will I do now?

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