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Alternative Site For Slow-Internet Users

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I live on a homestead in remote Alaska and use satellite internet. Our internet is very limited, very expensive, and VERY slow (imagine going back to almost dial-up speeds). Needless to say there’s a lot of features on the new Fiverr that I LOVE but can’t use. Here are a few examples:

I cannot upload my own photos: Most of my photos were taken with a canon camera and are too large for me to upload on my satellite limits. So I usually have to go and pay $5.00 to $10.00 (one to two gigs) for a stock photo with a one time online use policy to use for my gigs. This is a pain because it already starts me out with money I need to earn back whenever I list a new gig.

This becomes an even bigger issue when my ‘gigs require modification’. I love that Fiverr alerts you of issues. When I recently ‘restarted up’ after a few months break I added the same picture to all of my gigs (the one picture from my webcam that I could actually download). But then, on the new gig editor, my internet was much too slow to upload all of the required features- one being the feature that would allow me to edit my gig photos.

So instead of keeping the gigs with a few positive feedbacks, I had to go and create all new gigs- just in order to change my photo. This was fine, but then twice my gigs required modification for the photos because they were stock photos. The problem, again arose- because I had paid for the one time online use of these photos.

Once again I had to make new gigs, buy a new one time use policy for two stock photos, and now I have about 6 'to do’s that are simply modifications for gigs that I can not modify. Ugh! Slow internet is the worst!

But my main concern is that I’m sure I’m not the only person with slow internet. Fiverr has sellers from all over the world- so surely others have faced this issue. Yahoo Mail has a feature where if your internet is too slow you can change back to an older simpler design. I wonder if, on slow internet accounts, Fiverr could offer the same alternative?

And then, as if to make matters even more complicated- my internet was too slow to access Zendesk. I’ve never had issues with the help center in the past- but my internet will NOT load the page now. Did they update as well? So not only have I had problems, I cannot contact the right people to help me fix them. And that’s about 90% of my reason for having to publish this issue here on the forum.

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