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Someone copied my idea, what should I do?


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Hi everyone!

I guess there are many similar stories here… but the limits of the term “copy” are so blurry that it is difficult to me to know what is ok and what is not.

Since May or so, and with a very good response from buyers, I’ve been doing this gig: http://fiverr.com/[Fragglerock]

Today I just found someone who started offering EXACTLY the same. Title is nearly the same, and some specific stuff at the description is the same (p.e. “15 characters maximum”)

I felt very disappointed when I saw this. I am working hard to do my best, and when I’ve seen this person is selling (because she actually does have buyers) something which was originally MY idea, but in a very very low quality, I just felt my efforts went away. ~X(

Something similar happened to me before, unless that other time, they even copied my pictures, so that was quickly removed. But this time I’m not sure Fiverr will agree if this is a copy or not and don’t know how to react.

Also I saw she’s offering a “I will write s****l stuff” extra. Is that even permitted here? 😮

I’m not posting the link to her gig for obvious reasons, but… what do you think about this? did this happen to you before? Does Fiverr cover this kind of problems or not? if not, do you also feel they should?

Sorry if I had any mistakes writing in English, guys. Thanks in advance for your answers! :)>-




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