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I lost my gig rank since last week. Please help me!


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I’m Lisan E. I’m in fiverr from jun 2019 now i’m level one seller { www.fiverr.com/lisan_e } I have earned more then 1200$ from fiverr. I love fiverr a lot. All of my gigs (4) was in first page on search list. But i got a order of a duch buyer in 26 December and i delivered his order 28 December and he said that he like my work but he is new in fiverr that’s why he don’t know how to use fiverr proparly also he is deappear and fiverr hold my delivery for 8 days then it goes auto complete meanwhile I lost all of my gig rank. So in this case, what should i do now to recovery my gigs rank.

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