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Underground Fiver Review Exchange Skype Group/s [ARCHIVED]


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Hi There,
There are some under ground fiver review exchange s***e groups. fiver team took step against them before about review exchange but they have a new method now “three way review exchange”. What they do is buys each other’s gigs and leave positive rating to boost their sale. I however found only one of their groups (maybe they only have that single group). I was spying on them that what they do. this is really against Fiverr TOS. This is like trolling buyers even if they have bad service.
The Group have too much Members potential effecting the quality of Fiverr (our Hood).

So what should we do to take that group down. I never use that group for Review however somehow I Earn some respect there and now I am a mod there, still I can’t take that group down (needs Master right there to take it down).
Any Suggestion to stop this shit?

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@danishsarwar9 you cant take a s***e group down. Only the person who set up the group can do that . If you mean removing reference to it from a site that is a different matter but there are some very big sites doing this and the chance of removing them is next to zero. Its best not to mention the names of any sites on here either for obvious reasons. There is also more than one s***e group doing this. I have seen this all over the place. Anyhow doing this will leave obvious footprints and patterns which fiverr should easily be able to detect with the right methods in place.

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