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Can i get order during pending status of my gig?


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https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig open a ticket here & saying Fiverr active your gig, get 1 hour Fiverr Solution.

Thank u…I’ve already done so…But how did I get the order?Recently I’m sending offer but no replies are there, which is very unexpected…So I am likely to know that is it impossible to get order while pending?

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You Improve your request proposal, and try to active 16-17 hour (do not use auto refresh) & marketing your gig…

or your gig pending after support then you delete your old gig & Create new gig…

I hope your will getting order very soon.

Maybe I asked to know the possibility of such occurring like possibility of getting order at a pending status !

And for ur kind information I’m not going to do so bcz I’ve the only 5* review on this gig.

Anyways Thank U.

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I’m a new seller.My gig never came in search…

Today I found that it is on pending status.Meanwhile I got an order and then i made some modifications,

Let me know that at pending status,Is it possible to get order?Or was it activated at that time?

Or was it activated at that time?

It must have been activated.

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