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Adedamolami’s fiver story 1


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I learnt about fiver around December,started via education online and I was able to set up my account and do all vital stuffs.I have five Gigs up here on my account,I had my first order via buyers request and it’s going on well but sometimes I feel down sending buyer requests for some jobs I know I can handle very well but I don’t get them probably because I have got no review I feel seller shouldn’t order based on that,review or no review so far someone can write you a nice offer give them a trial I am a social media manager and it’s what I do best,if no one patronizes me because I have no review how do I progress and also that pro seller today won’t be there if buyers are scared to order Because he has got no reviews.I know by this time next year I will be on a whole new level and a better seller here on fiver…

I fiver
You fiver
We fiver

Adedamolami (Digital marketer)

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