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Beware! Obvious scam message

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Hey all,

I received this message earlier today, and it was obvious that it was a scam. I am posting this so that others can know to look out for similar ones.

" You can earn more than 150 per month with no work. my gmail address is *************** _k_y_p_e ID - ********* [insert link to questionable google doc] See you soon."

I did not click the link to the google doc since I did not know if it had a virus.

I also could not message the person back since it later said “this person can no longer be contacted”.

What should I do about scam messages like this in the future? Is there a way to report them?

Please let me know. Thank you!

Mod Note: Contact info removed.

@thefinaldraft EDIT: Thanks to the mods for removing the email and other IDs from the message! Apologies for overlooking those.

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