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I’m Level Two Seller But, Not Getting Order!


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Unlimited revisions are never a good idea. (100% satisfaction guarantee is also risky.) 5-10 revisions should be way more than enough.
Your first gig description needs to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. They’re currently all lumped together and you use a pair of parentheses to note what’s part of a different package. Your second gig does this nicely.
Fiverr doesn’t doesn’t allow tiny urls. (TOS) They go to YouTube anyway, so use the full or youtu.be url and let people see they’re safe to follow.
There are a few English errors in your first gig.
Consider copying the FAQ in your first gig into your second gig as well.

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Happened with me too. When i was promoted to level 2, orders declined for 40-50 days. After that it became normal and i started getting much more orders as compared to when i was level 1. Maybe its an issue with fiverr algorithms or anything or possibly a coincidence we share.

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When I became level 2, I didn’t notice any difference in the number of inquiries or orders… it didn’t increase or decrease that I could tell. However, I do notice that business tends to be cyclical… there are times of increased activity, and times of decreased activity… but over the course of 1 year, it seemed to balance out. That is, I seem to be having the same amount of activity now as I did months ago.

The only advice I can give is to stay on top of your gig description and pricing. Make sure your description is relevant, and periodically make changes as your business changes.

You could also adjust your pricing down, or decrease your delivery times in periods of slow sales/inquiries… and when things get too busy, that’s when you can stretch your delivery times longer and possibly increase some of your prices.

Don’t treat your gig as “once it’s set, leave it forever”… you should constantly be making adjustments to it.

I hope that helps!


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