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Some Tips for a new people?


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Imaging is incredibly important. Aesthetics matter in the business industry so make sure the pic is a nice one and directly relates to your gig title. Speaking of which, don’t make the gig title too long… Sometime’s we think this is a no-brainer but since you’re only allowed to have a few keywords, I’ve seen sellers incorporate strings into their title. That’s a no-go.

Be professional, but friendly 😃 You’re not meeting these people in person so it’s super helpful to be approachable throughout the process online. Maintaining professionalism is important though because sometime’s there are real nasty people out there who are control freak clients and just looking for someone to bother.

Making sure you’re offering a gig in a niche that is super popular and relevant is good as well.Be honest in your gig descriptions, too. If you fluff up your work and they don’t like it, they might leave a 4star or below review.

Always be true to yourself, and to the client. Be patient, understanding, and approachable. Go into business knowing the different types of people out there. You’ll do well, I’m sure. Feel free to ask for any more help in specification if you need.

When I first joined it took some time to get views but then the orders started coming in really quick and I am now able to make at least an extra 150 USD per month, easy.

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Your profile image is fine for the forums, but highly unprofessional on the main Fiverr site. Similar with your gig images. Why not just make a mock spreadsheet, rather than risk a warning for using actual data with real info of real people and using an airbrush tool to hide said data? The gig itself is borderline violation of ‘private data’ you’re offering to sell.

There are several English errors your gig and your profile.
Consider adding your native language to your profile as ‘Native/Bilingual’

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