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Not getting sales after six months


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Ah. Sorry. Communication is difficult no matter the media. Let me try to rephrase/expand in another manner.

This is the part I confused you with, correct?

Your gig description needs to differentiate your ‘animal’ and ‘person’ packages. Right now you only list the Premium. And in the ‘head’ gig you do differentiate, but only offer one package.

The packages (basic, standard, premium) are only listed out in the ‘head’ gig’s description.


Basic package offers X

Standard package offers X and Y

Premium package offers X and Y, but also Z

But the head gig doesn’t offer the packages.

Your animal gig, and your human gig, did offer different packages, but were not listed out (differentiated) in the descriptions.

Please ask if anyone tries to give you advise that you don’t understand.

This said, I’m not sure I can reevaluate the combined gig, since I know you had two before, and good examples of each of them. About the only thing I can offer is that I still think the fox should be the main example.

Thanks just got two orders!

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