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Got A Weird Message from 'mailsecure'


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I have received a weird message from ‘mailsecure’. That person asked me that my account belongs to someone else and prompted me to click on the provided link otherwise, my Fiverr Account would be blocked in next 2 days.

The grammar and sentence structure of the message showed that the message was not sent by a native speaker.

I didn’t click on the link and reported the matter to Customer Support.

It is advised to the fellow Sellers to be careful from such profiles.


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Hi, I received the same message. Out of curiosity I followed the link in a new window and Chrome had already flagged it as a phishing scam. Wish these people wouldn’t waste our time. I have put a request in with the report that we could have a one-click ‘report as scam’ feature to reduce the likelihood of these messages again, or at least make it easier for us to flag them and dispose of them.

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