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500+ Orders, Afraid Updating Will Mess Up Algorithm


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Hiiiii guys. I’ve been here 5 years and would love your help and expertise!

I’m ready to upgrade my gig for 2020, but I’m AFRAID. I’m fearful of messing up the algorithm and losing the positioning, history and activity I’ve built up over the years

I know a lot of Sellers’ gigs offer 3 different level/pricing options. I’m NOT one of them, but I’d
love to be. Currently All my gigs are the standard $5 gigs + Gig Extras.

How can I make a smooth transition? without doing any damage?


How can I make changes to my Gig and make as LITTLE impact to the algorithm as possible?

Would expanding my $5 gig into a 3 level multipriced gig delete its original history.and activity?

Can 3-level gigs offer Gig Extras?

Would adding more images to my gallery have an effect on my algorithm/ranking?

Would changing my gig cover have an effect on my algorithm/ranking?

If I left any gig changes out, please advise which changes to my gig WOULD have an effect

Thank youuuuu for your time Fiverr

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