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My translator dream can finally become true thanks to Fiverr!


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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all happy, safe and sound!

I’m Shima from Morocco, a 24-year-old university student.

I know for sure that this place is full of amazing humans, and I want to be a part of this powerful community. 😊

Since a very young age, I loved to learn about new cultures and new languages. Today, I’m a university student studying architecture. I originally entered that field because I love drawing too.

Sadly, I couldn’t dig deeper in my languages passion. Being a native arabic speaker, and after learning french and english, primarily for school reasons, I started learning japanese out of passion in my twenties and it opened my eyes to a whole new world.

I’m still striving to learn japanese by taking semi-public classes consisting of weekly 3-hour sessions, and by immersing myself in japanese culture through my favourite series, songs…,etc. But I felt like I needed to make a good use of my passion, for the sake of people and for my own sake.

I hope Fiverr can help me push further my language practicing process and connect people through translation services. :fist_right:

I want to link between different, totally different cultures, through the bridge of language. And that’s why I started this Fiverr account.
I’d love to translate, transcribe, subtitle…,etc. anything in arabic, french or english. And I’d also love to translate anything in japanese to one of these three languages.

I mentioned my love for graphic arts as well, so I also hope to offer to people magazines, mangas, comics…,etc. both translating and editing work.

I hope people will be happy having me in this community, and I hope to make a lot of friends as well. I want to share my knowledge and to learn new things!!

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Had a look at your gigs.

“Hello! I’m new to Fiverr so I can work the first two months for free.”

The above is (copied) from your gig description and is also mentioned in your gig image.

This will be of no benefit to you and this is not how Fiverr works.

Carefully read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Start selling and earning!

Enjoy the forum. 🙂

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