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"Don't share your gigs on social media"


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I was studying a book related to fiverr selling. In which the writer says that we should not share our gigs on social media because people who are new to fiverr will never buy a gig. People even don’t know anything about fiverr. Also he says that fiverr receives enough traffic so no need to promote anything on social media. I’m very demotivated after reading this. Now, I am not sharing my gigs on social platforms( am I doing right?). I’m a new seller on fiverr. I’m very curious. Its my dream to be a successful seller on fiverr.

Kindly inform me about this statement. Should we share our gigs on social media? should I keep promoting my gigs on social sites?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m also new to this site, but I’ll offer my opinion on this subject. Essentially, no form of advertisment could harm you, and you might in fact incentivize new people to become Fiverr members in the capacity of sellers or buyers of services. Keep your chin up, and don’t let yourself become demotivated!

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