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Using help of other sellers in your project


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Hi , everyone , i hope you are all doing great in life !
My question is ,
can i use help of other sellers on an order of mine ?
For example , i make 3d logos , i usually use text and simple images , make something out of them and deliver it to the buyer but i dont do mascots
Now , if a buyer orders a 3d logo on my gig and says he want a mascot logo (in 3d offcourse) , then i am in a little bit of trouble there , because i am not an expert in mascots , i know how to make them , but not quite good in it
So , lets say , the buyer was paying me $25 for the logo and logo is ABC123 (where ABC) is the mascot part
I then give a order to a mascot logo maker and give him $10 for it , so now the mascot is mine .
i then use that mascot in creating what the buyer asked for i.e add 123 , make it 3d , add other logo effects , and deliver it to the buyer
so half work was mine , and half work was done by the seller who created the mascot
So , is this ok to do ?
I have read TOS and i dont find anything specific to this

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