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Recommendations Please: Music that goes well with working


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Hiya 🙂
I’m working on an order which requires superhero powers of concentration, multi-tasking and thinking creatively + technically in 10 different aspects + in 10 dimensions that only a quantum physicist could explain. 😂
But . . . that last emoji is me both loling at the quantum physicist joke, AND me sort of crying from my brain being so overwhelmed by this project. Or is it brain juice coming out of my eyes? I love the work, and am grateful for it, and can do it. But been in this intense state of working for the last soooooooooooooo many hours.
BTW breaks don’t work for me. Maybe I’m doing them wrong (tips on this also appreciated!!!).

So I need music I can listen to on YT that will keep me awake, or motivated, or whatever music is supposed to do. Something that isn’t distracting with words I understand in English, Hebrew or Spanish.

I’ve tried all kinds of music for example country music, classical, French classical music, music in like 10 other languages, Mr Bean episodes, “cafe noises background.”
Some things irritate me at the moment (even though other times they’re cool)

So whatever you’d be kind enough to suggest in a comment–I will give it a try.

May 🙂

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There was a thread about this earlier this month. I got loads of ideas about what to listen to.

For me , I like to listen to game OST’s like Minecraft’s or songs by Lemon Demon. Maybe throw in a few anime openings too with a little bit of lofi hip-hop. What about you guys?

Thanks so much. I’ll check out the thread, and try out your recommendations. 🙂 Mae

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