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Withdrawal Initiated


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‘’’'Hi Haiderimtiaz99, all is well with your order. A big mistake was made by Paypal not by you. Here is the note I just sent to fiverr support to explain that I have no issue with our order and did not dispute the charge. All I asked was for Paypal to correct its mistake for which account it charged. Please confirm if this fully addresses your question.

Here’s my note:

Hello, as you know from my account history, I have been a prolific and reliable buyer on Fiverr. I always make payments through Paypal but Paypal made a mistake when it charged one of my fiverr payments through to the wrong bank account. I asked Paypal to move the charge from the wrong bank account to the right bank account. I never disputed any aspect of the charge. I only told Paypal that they charged the wrong bank account. Fiverr tells me that I am disputing the charge but I am not disputing the charge and my seller did fine on the project. We need to somehow pass this message along to Paypal so that they do not treat this as a disputed charge. Please contact me for further information if anything more is needed. Thanks, Dave
That was the situation buyer said he is happy with my order the problem is with paypal and he complain the fiverr.
But why Fiverr Disputed the Project. after 16 Days
What should i do now any sujjestion’

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