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What to learn First?


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⚜️ 1. Familiarize yourself with Fiverr’s TOS.

⚜️ 2. Read the Seller Help & Education. Under I’m the Seller tab.

⚜️ 3. Read through the Tips for Sellers category. You’ll find an abundance of helpful hacks and advice.

Next up on the list is…

We’ve read these on the forum quite a lot. “I’m a new seller and I can’t get orders” “It’s unfair, new sellers don’t get the attention” “Please give new sellers a chance too” “Respect the new sellers” I mentioned this in another post, but new sellers can get orders too! I know at least 3 new sellers who got their first orders within hours ( and continue to be successful) for a GOOD REASON. They did everything right. And to prove that, here’s the lovely Miss Dixie, a new seller on Fiverr. …

Have Fun! 🍍

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