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Chargeback or cancelled by fiverr


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This one will be really short.

I see a lot of people still guessing when their order was cancelled by CS and whether or not it was a chargeback. And a lot of people guessing by checking if their buyer’s profile is still active.
But it’s much simpler than that.

  1. If you received a message saying “ORDER CANCELLED BY BUYER” then it means that your buyer initiated a chargeback with PayPal or through their bank. In this case you will receive 2 emails back to back to your associated email address.
    In most cases like this fiverr support might be able to get your funds back. And it seems that know they are doing that automatically almost right away after a chargeback if you delivered everything as promised.

  2. If you received a message saying “ORDER CANCELLED BY CUSTOMER SUPPORT”. Then, well, it’s obvious that your buyer reached out to fiverr support and they cancelled your order because you didn’t fulfil one of the requirements or didn’t deliver your gig as promised. (But of course there are always exceptions and sometimes orders cancelled by CS mistakenly)

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That’s good information. I have also noticed that chargebacks (which for me are always immediately reimbursed to me) do not cause my stats to take a hit. I don’t get them very often though.

I think there must have been an adjustment made for some types of chargebacks which don’t affect our stats.

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Guest humanissocial

Thanks for the tip! Fortunately I’ve never had either, but now I know what to look for in the event that I do. This is important insight.

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