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Buyer won't accept extra offer, order still in revision


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Hey pals, looking for some insight.

My buyer placed an order and in their requirements they asked for background music but asked me to send them an offer for it.

I was slammed with orders that week so I totally forgot to send the offer but wasn’t too worried as they were super friendly and said they’re happy to pay whenever I sent the offer.

So I sent the offer the morning of the delivery and just uploaded the work. I figured they were probably good for it, I know it’s Fiverr 101 not to take the chance but w/e, I wasn’t sweating it either way.

Well go figure, they’ve ignored the offer request and then actually came back to me for a revision request, so I KNOW they’ve seen it.

I told them I’d upload their revision as soon as they accepted the offer, and I even withdrew the first one and sent a new one. They’ve been online multiple times and haven’t responded.

My question isn’t whether or not I can get them to pay (I realize they’ve taken off with the discount), my question is whether I should re-upload the old version of the file and risk them getting in touch with CS? Or would CS take my side here?


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you should contact CS but I don’t think they could help you as they haven’t placed the order and you did the work already! talk to your buyer!

I don’t have any interest in dealing with CS, I don’t think they need to be involved at all.

My question was whether or not I should re-upload the unrevised work and risk the buyer getting in touch with CS.

I’ve sent the buyer around 5 messages regarding the request and have been ignored so bombarding them with more messages won’t help I don’t think.

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