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Close order after modification


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I contacted a seller and asked him to basically change the background of two pictures I would send him…, so I did, but my fault was that I did not place the order on the seller profile page, and I did not do It because I forgot… no other reason. The thing is that when the seller delivers me the pictures with the background already changed, I did not like the color he chose and asked him to switch to a specific color I had chosen from the web. He might not have understood and this time sends me only one picture with same background. Fiverr counts that as 3 gigs because the seller did not use the “Redeliver” button. I tell the seller that he sent me the same one, and to use the exact background I was suggesting and for which I sent him a “link”. This second time he does change the background of the two pictures and delivers them to me.

The seller is sending me messages every day because he reasonably wants to get paid, he even asks for only $5 dollars, and of course I´m not going to pay him $5 dollars because the correct amount is $10 dollars, but the problems now are, 1) the balance really is only $10 dollars for they were two pictures. 2) And since it´s really only $10 dollars but It shows $15 on my Fiverr´s account balance, How could I contact customer service to explain this to them if I don´t have an order number and they require one to log in?.., remember I didn´t place an order at the beginning, what can I do now to pay the guy?

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Yes, on your account it shows a balance of $15 dollars. But if you follow the thread of messages of the seller and me, you will deduct that there was a mistake provoked by the seller because he´s new I suppose, and by me also because of lack of experience on buying gigs at Fiverr . My mistake was forgetting to place the order from the very beginning, or right after the seller had accepted the job, and the seller´s mistake was sending a modification through a wrong channel.

Again on my side, instead of placing that order from the beginning, I contacted the seller and told him the gig to be done, which consisted basically in removing the background of two pictures and replacing them with a different one, “ but I specified the tone of the color I wanted”, and since I gave him a margin of decision with the condition of remaining within the parameters of “translucent light gray”, the seller went ahead and as a background equivocally chose a “pinkish color”.

Then the seller sends the pictures to me, and logically because the color is not right, I sent the seller another message saying that the new color was not within the tonality of translucent light grays I had specified. Considering this a modification and not to complicate things I sent him the link to a more approximate color or tonality of gray.

Now the seller again sends the same copy, the only difference was that this time the copy was of only one picture and not the two pictures. Fiverr of course counted this as “3” gigs for the seller did not do the delivery through the right channel… he did not press the “deliver again or redeliver” button which would have been the right one, since it was only a modification.

Without me knowing the seller wasn´t sending the pictures using the right channel or “deliver again” button, I sent the seller another message asking him to resend the pictures with the right color he would find at the exact “link” I had sent him in my previous message. This other time he understood and sent the two pictures and not only one with the correct color of background.

Then, after all this, the gig was just changing the background of “two” pictures, which equals only $10 dollars. I have no objection on paying the seller for he did a job and I received it, the problem is that I don´t know where to pay the rectified balance which is of $10 dollars and not $15. What should I do next?

Thanks a lot for your help,


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