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Stop providing your personal contact information to other users, especially sellers


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I see this all the time, and although I haven’t been here too long I am personally tired of dealing with it - it’s so the point that I don’t even respond and simply report users that do this. A fourth of the posts on the forum are of users wondering, asking the community why they can’t sign into their accounts only to find out they’ve been deleted.

Before you do anything else on Fiverr not matter how long you’ve been a part of the community - you need to read the Terms Of Service you agreed to during sign up. Not only will it save you (both buyers and sellers) and bunch of headache… But it does get updated! The Terms Of Service runs the gamut of your legal rights as buyer and sellers (another issue that always comes up), levels, orders, and withdraws. Take 5 mins and read it: http://fiverr.com/terms_of_service

Stop providing your personal contact information to other users, especially sellers. I can’t speak for every seller here, but I am less likely to respond (let alone willing to work with you) if you’re content with violating Fiverr’s Terms Of Service. We all know about the big red box, but many buyers choose to ignore it anyway; some even have the nerve to say when I address it (literally copying and pasting the exact line that shows up) they say “I didn’t know.” Yes, yes you did. The box goes completely red, and Fiverr’s Terms come up. That, or you’re completely negligent which is another red flag.

Now, I don’t want to work with you because you’re lying to me. If you’re okay with lying me even before placing an order with me… I personally could only image what sort of headache of a buyer you would be to me. So as a seller, I will not work with you.

Also, don’t try and manipulate the system by typing “Skkype” or “E m ail” etc. It’s not cool, again, even when I address those users still tell “I didn’t know”. Seriously? It’s still very apparent what you’re doing and again, you’re lying. Not cool. My personal favorite it individuals attaching a message or photo of their s***e or personal phone number or e-mail which is really annoying. Either way you’re getting reported and your time on Fiverr will be very short.

Abide by the Fiverr’s TOS and you’re golden. Otherwise, sellers are just going to report you and refuse to work with you. Then, all you’ll be left with is a restricted or closed account, and there’s almost no way to resolve it.

Edit: Sorry for all the attachments of the same photo. It wasn’t intentional. Lol. If a Sheriff could delete the duplicates that’d be great! 🙂

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bigxor said: Such as when a seller offers to modify a website for you and your login info is email and password.


Yes, you're correct and this is allowed Fiverr's grants this in the Terms Of Service if it's specifically required to complete the work requested. But messages can/are monitored so asking someone to "contact me via @g.m.a.i.l." verse providing a company email for business purposes is two totally different things. :)


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