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Cancel an order & report Seller that uses other artists' arts


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Hi there.
I’m currently in an ongoing order and back&forth in dispute with a “seller” that I order.
After days of “working” I had just figured out that his gig sample arts are stolen from other artists.

I found out that one of his work is stolen from twt artists ‘5RNGR2’ and one is stolen from a DC comic book cover (Which I didn’t found out until now).

He delivered the order but it seems that the work is also stolen from other artist and I assume that the ‘seller’ can’t actually draw. Since I said in the order requirement to draw an OC of mine with a specified outfit. And the ‘seller’ just added a different outfit to the OC without drawing my OC.

Any suggestion to this? I already report the seller in their profile. But this doesn’t change the order much as the seller kept rejecting the dispute to cancel the order.

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If you’re certain that the delivered work is stolen, contact Customer Support with references and ask them to cancel the order. Going back and forth with dispute won’t help. If he keeps rejecting, there’s no point to ask for cancellation again and again.

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How you do that.kindly tell me.i have same issue as well?

First of all I don’t know whether it’s correct to post the guide here (I’ll delete it if it violate any rules)

So here’s the guide:

Click the link above - Customer Support

1.Order Issue

2. I want to cancel my order

3. I’m buying on Fiverr

4. The seller committed fraud

5. Click “click here” and list all evidences regarding it.

Please do validate that the seller is truly commit fraud or stolen the artwork. You also need evidence(s) of the stolen artwork and original work.

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