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Fiverr Couples & Love Stories


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Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re on the lookout for couples on Fiverr with a great story.

If your “other half” is not on Fiverr, but Fiverr played/plays a part in your love connection, we want to hear from you too.

Please share your story with us below.

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My boyfriend is not on Fiverr, but the reason I’m on Fiverr is mostly because of him. We are on a long distance relationship, that’s why. We don’t see each other like what a normal couple does. So me, being a seller on Fiverr (I translate English into Indonesian and vise versa), I try to earn some money to go see him (I’m in Indonesia and he’s in the US). Hopefully I’ll get enough money soon and then I’ll be able to go see him and thank Fiverr for that 🙂

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I didn’t meet my fiance on Fiverr BUT Fiverr has most-certainly brought us together in new ways. We now team up on special gigs from time to time. We have been using Fiverr to fund our upcoming wedding in July and the community has been incredibly generous so far. It has truly restored our faith in humanity and given us great hope for our future together : )


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My live in boyfriend and I are part-time Fiverrs. We live in Los Angeles. I am a freelance actress and model (along with Fiverr) and by better half (vegancheesehead) is a freelance artist. We both are animal rights activists, so we like not only the creativity that Fiverr brings, but the flexibility and freedom as well*=)

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In 2007, when I was 17 years, I made a small trip to the beach with my two brother, my cousins and my aunt. In this trip I really wanted to have a lot of fun because a few months ago I broke up with an ex and I was very sad. I’m from Mexico, from a small city called Zacatecas and even when you are 18 years old in Mexico you can drink and visit nightclubs I was still young (17) and it was really hard for me to do that, so my family vacations weren’t full of fun but very very relaxing. One day while I was walking on the beach with my brother I saw a handsome guy walking in the opposite direction with another guy (his friend). I am very shy and I didn’t have idea how to flirt, but when he saw me I just smiled… he smiled back and kept walking. I thought I wouldn’t see him again. The next day in the morning my family and me went to the swimming pool, I had to take care of my little brother and while doing it I was looking for a free place to lay down and relax. Then, something unexpected happened… I was going to lay down in a sun bed just next to my aunt and the handsome guy I saw the day before in the beach was there seating and just looking the sea… I was very nervous so I tried to act normal and when I was trying to put my towel over the sun bed he said “Hi, do you need help?” I was shocked. We started talking and after 4 hours I had to go eating with my family, he asked me to hang out in the evening but I had to ask for permission to my aunt, so I gave him my number and said him to call me later to confirm.

Fortunately, I got permission, he called me and as he was in the same hotel than me, he went to my room to look for me. We spent an amazing night, we went for dinner, we danced, we laughed, then we took a ride in a horse wagon, finally we walked on the beach with the moon and we kissed. It was just a very innocent kiss, just with the touch of our lips. Then he took me to my room and asked me to wake up the next day very very early to spend a few hours together (I was coming back that day to Mexico city), so we both woke up very early to be together at least a few hours. Then I had to go but he gave me a romantic letter and a chocolate and he said he will call as soon as he came back to Mexico city. So, the next day he came back home and I was staying in my aunt’s house because I wouldn’t back to Zacatecas until a month later. This guy, called Christian, invited me to watch a movie and eat some ice cream. Everything was very very cute and romantic. At first I didn’t want to think in a relationship because I knew he was from Mexico city and I was from Zacatecas (8 hours of difference by bus). But he kept being very romantic and for me that was amazing.

We were dating 1 month (it was the time I was in Mexico city for holidays, just the summer) and when I was going to come back he asked me to be his girlfriend, he promised to visit me very often and I felt in love with him so I accepted. Then I had to go to Zacatecas and he stayed in Mexico city… Four days later he was visiting me in Zacatecas. I couldn’t believe it. He was with me 4 days and then he came back to his city but he always promised he will visit me as soon as possible. We both were studying so I knew it was going to be hard to see him soon.

For 6 months, every Thursday he took the bus from Mexico city to Zacatecas travelling 8 hours during night to see me every Friday’s morning to every Sunday’s night. Then he asked to his college a change of campus and he moved to my city for 6 months. When I finished the highschool we both moved to Mexico city to stay close and have a normal relationship.

Nowadays, January 2014 we live together in Edinburgh, Scotland. And of course we have shared a lot of experiences, actually it was for him I started using Fiverr; he discovered this amazing website and he motivated me to make the gigs, he still help me to do a lot of my work on Fiverr and thanks to this extra income we both have from Fiverr, we can travel around the world together and keep living amazing experiences. Yes!! He is seller on Fiverr too: http://fiverr.com/lwande Of course I tried to make this story as short as possible but I could write for one week about all what we have passed through.

We always talked about our story like a “romantic movie story” because it was just like a fairy tail.

And as I said before, thanks to Fiverr to are travelling together around the world.

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My wife is from Australia (IamFiveHer) and I’m from New York (VoiceOverRapper). We met for the first time less than a year ago after our initial months of Skyping and NOW we’re married and working on Fiverr together. I encouraged her to get on Fiverr and now she’s becoming more successful than me! If that’s not true love, Idk what is!

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well this isn’t exactly a valentine’s day story, but my wife requested that we do not buy each other gifts for our anniversary this year to save some money. I agreed, but decided to make a little video for our anniversary on the cheap, which means using fiverr :> I strung together a series of fiverr buys. Short story - for about $50 bucks, I made my wife cry and she told me it was the best gift, and the most romantic thing she had ever seen. Sometime’s being cheesy is ok :>


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My gf isn’t on Fiverr, but she helps me with every bit of it.

I have a variety of gigs available, specifically designed for Indie authors - I started this because I am one myself and man, it’s hard. It’s SO hard. There really is an entire world against us - a very rich, powerful world - in the writing world, they are known as THE BIG 5 - they are biggest publishers in the world and they campaign against us and encourage all their authors and all the fans of those authors to do the same.

I’ve had a great deal of success as an indie artist - 24,000 fans around the world. Yet, I had someone in a group the other day where I was advertising take a look at my book and was about to buy a copy until he saw I self-published… He then told me to 'get your self-published sh*t off my group. We don’t want your cheap, lazy BS here.'


Anyway. I started my Fiverr to genuinely help put Indie authors first. My GF, Toni, understands this.

I’ve been here just over a month and have 44 (my first gig got deleted somehow, but you can add my numbers from my ‘map’) satisfied customers - largely in part because of her.

In my first gig, reading and reviewing, she reads all the fantasy and romance books I get (I skim them) and she gives me the summary and mistakes she noticed - I write up a detailed report from both our experiences. I read all the horror, sci-fi and non-fiction books I get, (she skims them) and I write up a detailed report from both our thoughts. These are usually upwards of a thousand words.

She then proofreads my reviews to make sure I haven’t missed any of her thoughts and to make sure I haven’t been too harsh (I’m a critic and an editor on the outside world).

We then post.

Because of his gig, I am now an Amazon top 10,000 reviewer. 10,000 may not sound like much, but you have to realize - there are 20,00,000 amazon reviewers and that number grows each and every day.

For another gig - I run a large group on FB - she’s friends with a few other people who run large FB pages - between us, we share people’s books, links and more to about 100,000 people.

In my editing gig, I can be incredibly harsh - she makes sure some of my suggestions have a softer tone. She then also reads those books with me to catch any continuity errors.

In my book cover/graphic design gigs, she takes a look at them and notices any mistakes my tired old eyes might have made/missed.

This gig has earned my personal graphic design company a lot of attention and customers (who get charged waaaaaaay more than five dollars… Think 40-100 dollars a piece, haha). One customer went so far as to actually list me as his illustrator on Amazon - this helps garner even more attention for my own book.

In my website designs (not on Fiverr, sorry, can’t do that for Five bucks - that’s about thirty hours of work each site and runs about 550 dollars) she tests the UI and finds any glitches and holes. Many of my images and graphics are optimized for web design use, however.

She’s a wonderful addition and I love her all the more for it.

If you’re an Indie author - come check us out. I can assure you - you’ll be in the best, most qualified (I have Bachelor’s Degrees in English, Graphic Design, Psychology and Sociology), sympathetic hands on Fiverr - I’ve been there - I know how to get you to the top.

If you’re an aspiring author - check us out - I can edit your work and create your cover - and pass your name on to a publishing company - I know the CEO personally. 🙂

Hope to hear from you all! May you all prosper and find love. 🙂

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