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Do not want to work with the buyer again


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i have worked with one buyer she was very lazy to reply and she’s behaviour was very annoying but overall i submit my delivery and order was completed automatically now she is blackmailing me that she didn’t like the delivery and will report and do that and that what should i do i just want to block her can i do it and how to avoid those kinda buyers ???

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Blocking is not a good idea “in this stadium”, several sellers have posted on the forum that they ran into issues with that. I’d guess that you should at least wait for 14 days (the “security/clearance” period) before blocking a former buyer (even if the completion time is just 3 days, it could be that a buyer is sick or have some other understandable reason that they couldn’t check the delivery thoroughly enough within those 3 days and might have a valid complaint after checking.
However, you can report her if she indeed tries to blackmail her.
What I’d do first of all, would be to politely ask her to provide concrete things she wants you to modify (If she does, it’s up to you then if you think it’s a reasonable request or not and to redeliver or stand your ground).
People who just want to scam sellers as in (want to) use the delivered work and also their money back, seem to tend to not (be able to) point out any concrete mistakes/things they’d like changed, which again speaks for you if support will have to step in finally.

You can only avoid such buyers by developing your what is known as “spidey senses” on this forum among “oldbies” (getting a feeling for which potential buyers mean trouble (check for “red flags”, see, for example, this, as one of many similar forum threads), and, obviously, those only help you if the buyer contacts you before ordering.

Good luck with this!

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