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Collecting Payment


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I completed my first gig! About five days ago…but still haven’t gotten paid. It is registered as completed, and I got a positive rating, and in my analytic page it registers as money earned, but I don’t have any money in my account and my Paypal account does not show any deposits. HELP!

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Go to your Sales area and see…

  • Active (order is in and you’re working on it)

  • Completed (order delivered;

    A) completed by Buyer.

    B) Auto complete, up to 3 days)

  • Delivered (order is delivered and Buyer hasn’t picked it up yet)

  • Cancelled (order was cancelled)

    Orders do not get paid until;
  • The order is completed (see above)
  • The 14 day pending period expires

    So completion can take up to 3 days + 14 day pending period = up to 17 days
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Today, I got a single email from "noreply@e.fiverr.com"

"Hey laura_halbert,

Great news! Your $1,444 revenues were sent to your PayPal account.

Please be patient as funds may take up to a few days to appear in your PayPal balance"

This came out to be very surprising for me as I DONOT have a PayPal account, and NEITHER did I withdraw my funds using PayPal. Moreover, I got a single Email. There was no confirmation email and nothing else.

Am I being stolen by Fiverr? All my earnings on my Fiverr Account has just vanished.

Have anyone experienced the same too?

Please Help 😦

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Reply to @kjblynx: If it had been some other Website then why all my earnings had vanished from my account. I can clearly see that someone withdrew all my earnings. I got no confirmation message on my email nor I have a PayPal account. I don’t know whom to blame. Even if the account was hacked, then I should have got a confirmation Email.

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