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I am a seller on fiverr


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I’m a professional graphic designer, seventeen years of my skills, but I’m new to this fiber will be able to utilize my skills, please help me,
I am a Full-time graphic designer at Fiverr. I am specializing in vector illustration, Trace/Recreate logo’s, Graphics, images illustrations, t-shirt skin design, line drawing, vector-artwork. I love to work until my customers are 100% satisfy and happy.

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Are you asking before your gigs go live? Because neither of the gigs show up on your profile.

On the gigs:
Usually, ‘before’ goes on the left and ‘after’ on the right. The other two example images have been scaled down too much to see the vectoring improvements. Your ‘about this gig’ section doesn’t say anything about the gig, just defines ‘vectoring’.

T-shirt gig needs some spelling/grammar cleanup.

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