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Gigs deranked how to solve this?


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hello respectable members,hope your all doing well.
i want to discuss about my gigs.from lat two months,my account all gigs are deranked even not show in 30+ pages one of my gig doing very well for me is on 1st page suddenly all gigs are disappear i try my best to getting back everything try change with best tags images but where the gigs stucked not comeup even with any filter the gigs shown in last line in last page please help even i share multi time on social media forum in a day.
i am 24 hours online on my acount but all in vain also i send daily requests.
please help how i get solve this.
any body facing something like me and overcome this problem,thats nice from hearing you.
thank you so much all

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Follow These Strategies.

  1. Try to add an attractive video on your Gig. It will boost your rank 40% more.
  2. Keep Sending Buyer Requests.
  3. Change all your Tags Weekly. This may help you out.
  4. Add some Gig Extras. And try to Fill your Profile with Everything.

You will definitely get back your ranking.

I have 7 gigs, how will i manage to follow this steps

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Why focus on all 7 gigs in your account, that’s why most people don’t make money as a freelancer. Instead of investing all your time and effort on almost 7 gigs, why don’t you develop yourself on the amount of Gigs you can managed.

There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr who get their level one badge with just a single gig, Most of sellers don’t have more than 2 gigs in their account and they are making a lot of sales every month.

You may have 7 gigs or more than that, But focus on the first 2 gigs you know you can do very well, and invest all your time on those 2 gigs. You’ll surely see a massive changes.


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