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Did a violation of terms of services by mistake...Please guide me


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I am not a such experienced person on fiver. I have started using it from last two months. Today I sent an offer to a buyer who was asking to build a website for him. He contacted me. I asked him for requirements and he sent me an attachment to read the requirements. In that document he mentioned that he want an upwork account on rent or want to purchase it. I came to inbox and asked him…

“Do you only want an upwork account? Just it?”

After that i got a message in chat that my message was blocked due to violation of terms of services and i can’t contact that buyer anymore.

Can anyone tell me that, will it effect my fiver account in any way? I wasn’t aware about this. It wasn’t my attention to provide him account. I just replied to his requirements. Will it have a bad impact on my services? Please guide me about this.

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This sounds more like they did the violation. If is was ‘X from China’ it was likely spam/scam. You shouldn’t be affected (as far as I’m aware based on other similar threads.)

Some good things to watch out for here: Hoist the red flags

Yes, In the document he wrote that he was from china. He didn’t mentioned it in chat thread rather he made a document and in that he wrote all the things.

I will be careful next time. Thank you

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