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Buyer submitted files then changed his mind


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Hey everyone!
Someone placed an order 10 days ago, looking for an editor. They submitted the book and provided the instructions. One hour later, they asked me to stop and wait because I’d receive a new file within 5 days and that’d be the file I have to work on. I didn’t dispute anything because I knew I could do it even without those 5 days.
However, that person has been offline since, I sent them messages to ask for the files but nothing. The order is due in 3 days and there’s no way I can edit a 100k words book in 3 days, even if they submitted the new file today.
So my questions:

  1. What if they don’t come online at all to give me the new file? Can I complete the order and then work on their book if they submit it let’s say 1 week after, via inbox?
  2. What if they come online and provide the order when I only have let’s say 48 hours left? There’s no way I can, nor will I want to edit such a big book in 2 days. Can I deliver partially then send the remaining via inbox once I’m done?
    Thanks everyone!
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