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Buyer places order without asking if I provide the service, I GET PENALIZED

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So, I have a translation gig. Yesterday, a buyer placed an order without contacting me first. She wanted a translation, BUT, she also wanted me to keep the file’s original formatting. Depending on the file’s formatting, I can, or I can’t do it. That is something I specify on my gig description, and in this particular case, I would’ve rejected the job since I lack both the knowledge and the tools to do it due to the file’s complexity.

When contacting support, they said: "We understand that there are some cancellations that cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. And I understand this might be confusing.

I cannot guarantee it would not affect you, however, I can promise the cancellation rate based on our criteria."

So basically they acknowledge the issue and don’t care.

In trying to get an extra $3 in this case, they risk getting sellers to a lower level and losing even more, I’d take better care of the people who earn them money.

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Have you tried to ask the buyer if she can provide the original file? You can say that with the tools you have right now it hasn’t been possible for you to keep the formatting as she request it, that you have done all the translation and in order to maintain the formatting the original file is needed.

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