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No sales during my history as a seller. Need someone to review my gigs


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I have been a member for over three years and not yet made any sales. I have created so many gigs and still had no success. I am looking to make this work and I really would appreciate if someone could take a look at my gigs to see if there anything I can do to attract sales. Thanks.



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Not really sure off-hand. Your gig looks pretty clean to me.

Is your pricing competitive? With Fiverr, unfortunately you often have to start with really low prices and then as you gain reviews and levels you can then justify your perceived “value” by increasing your prices accordingly.

Other than that, are you monitoring the Buyer Requests section? Since seller-to-seller communication is discouraged (and technically not in accordance with the ToS)…you’re somewhat limited as far as I’m aware on how else to specifically market yourself to fellow Fiverr peers. Other than that…all I can suggest is sharing your Gig(s) via social media.

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