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How to Promote Your Gig Outside of Fiverr?


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Creating a Gig won’t give you a guaranteed amount of order especially if it’s new. So what are the best options to get more leads and orders?

  1. Facebook is a good channel to gather leads to your Fiverr Gig. Put a link in your Profile and a URL in your Timeline Cover Photo.

  2. Twitter is also a good source of lead to your fiverr gig. Follow your target prospects and tweet them about your services or products.

  3. LinkedIn is another best way to drive more traffic into your fiverr Gig. It is because most LinkedIn members are business minded-people and would love to have other people to do their work just for the purpose of leveraging themselves and put their effort on other projects.

    Did I messed something? Share your ideas below.

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Hi Friend,

WE will take you up on your offer and collect your gigs. This is a great way to prmote in all those ways because others will share the quality! Please collect and promote ours. We are very excited to offer some of our smaller services on Fiverr and this is pretty neat you are doing this. Here are our gigs:





Thanks again for collecting! #FollowUs on Twitter for more Louv!

The Team,


Sheriff’s Note: You are welcome to post your gig under the MY FIVERR GIGS section. Stop spamming the forum and hi-jacking other topics…

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